Ready or not? It’s your career

Ready or not? It’s your career

18 Apr 10:00 by Karan Sharma


Looking for a new role can be one of the most challenging times in your life. Whatever your motivations are, financial, career development, etc, it is an important part of your life and so when you do decide to make that move you need to make sure that it is the right one.

Sometimes it isn’t always the right decision to move either and today’s blog isn’t designed to make you think that you should absolutely make a move right now, but more designed to get you thinking about what is right for you, because sometimes staying in your current employer is the right thing to do too. After all, if your current employer is constantly challenging you, if they are helping you learn to grow and develop and you are enjoying your job then keep doing what you are doing.

But what happens if you aren’t fully satisfied with your current role? What if your motivations change and your job cannot keep you as motivated as you once might have been?

That’s when you need to find a recruitment business who will listen to your needs and find you with an opportunity that matches your motivations. Find a good recruiter though. Somebody you trust and who really listens. Don’t be forced in to anything you don’t think is the right fit for you. A good recruitment consultant will work with you, understand what makes you tick, then match you to a role, rather than direct you towards a job that might not be perfect.

But how do you know if it isn’t right? What are the signs?

We’ve given a few examples. As is mentioned above, however, this isn’t a blog designed to get you to go running to your nearest recruiter, but more to make you think about what is right for you. Here we’ve listed a few of the different reasons we’ve seen candidates look for a new position. If you do nothing else, ask yourself these questions and see what your answer is to each.

Am I getting enough Innovative opportunities?

Are the leaders in your business committed to technical innovation? Do you feel like there is a culture of technological innovation in your business? Are they always looking to adopt the latest practices and developments that keep you on the cutting edge?

If your organisation is not allowing you to innovate or develop your technical skills as per the current trends or you have outgrown your job profile and started feeling stagnated, then it must be the same for your colleagues and if that is the case, is the industry’s view of your business that it is a technical innovator. If the answer is ‘no’ then does that reflect on your CV? You can be a part of the innovation by suggesting changes in your business but unless your business is willing to listen to your ideas then perhaps it’s time to start working at a company that will listen to you.

Do you clock watch and wait for the end of the day?

In nine to five jobs everyone goes through a period when they feel less motivated. We are all humans and we react differently to what happens around us but also, things that happen in your personal life can affect you too. But you need to ask yourself the question as to whether your current work is contributing towards the way you feel in a positive or negative way. Do you have the support network from your business so that if things happen in your personal life, you feel like your work will help you get through it? If the answer is ‘no’ then perhaps it is time to find yourself a business who has a support network where you can feel more valued.

Do you know if you are stressed or not?

This may sound slightly unusual, but often people do not know if they are stressed in their job; stress manages itself in different ways and although you may feel fine in your mind, headaches, being ill more often, physical examples of being run down can often be a sign that you are more stressed in your current role.

Talk to somebody about it. It can be somebody in your personal life but also you should reach out to your business. It is in their interest for you to be at your best because then you are at your most productive. If you have a good support network at your business then they will be able to help you so make sure you reach out to them.

What is the attrition rate?

If you are observing a high employee turnover rate in your organisation, then it would be good to understand that the problem for the turnover rate, as well as what you can do to support. Is the attrition rate down to an individual or organisational culture that employees do not stay long in the business?

Do you have an impact on making the organisation a great environment? Can you help improve it? How much can you make a difference? Sometimes there are things you can do to improve it, but if it is difficult to impact an organisation through your own actions then perhaps it is time to find a business which will listen to your ideas and somewhere you can make an impact.

Whatever your situation, or even if you just want to get advice from people who provide guidance on career development every day of the week, then you should talk to the team at Klickto, because we might be able to help. We want you to have the best career you can so talk to us.